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Let us introduce you to Dennis V

As promised - each week we will share with you a video of a volunteer or one of our kids that are "Dropping In" at the Quakertown Community Center . It is our pleasure to inoroduce Dennis !

Posted by The Drop - Quakertown on Monday, 7 October 2019


is a relaxed environment to hang out, listen to live music, enjoy free snacks and art, games, or even showcase your own talent with our open mic events! It’s a safe haven for any and all to come and just escape. Need help with some troubling things in your life? We have an extensive networking community and will work with you to help you figure everything out! Click the links below and follow us to find out more about some exciting upcoming events.

The Drop 2021

Check out our recent video explaining “The Drop” and what’s
next for our community!


Our goal is to someday be open Monday -Friday after school. We can’t do that with the limited number of volunteers we currently have. Can you spare 3 hours a week, one day a week? If the answer is no – how about for our Special Events on nights and weekends?



It takes money to take these kids on Special Event Trips like Fishing Trips and Bowling Nights. Sometimes the snacks that some of these kids are eating at 3 pm is the first time that day they have had something to eat. Can you commit to making even a small monthly donation to assist giving these kids a snack when they arrive?

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Please pray for our organization. We truly want to make a difference in the lives of the young men and women that are coming through our doors.

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